Birthday Butterfly Release

Celebrate a Birthday With Butterflies

Butterfly releases at a birthday celebration are not only for the host of the event; they are a special way to involve the entire party. For most adults and kids, butterflies do not conjure up the same feelings of fear that other insects may bring. Instead, butterflies are seen as beautiful and help create magical smiles on the faces of many as they flutter in the sky. They are seen as symbols of change, of renewal, of life. There are many points in our lives where themes of renewal and change are a cause for celebration. For example, a child’s first birthday. These events are accompanied by well wishes and celebration of not only what has been achieved, but what is to come.

Our butterfly release birthday packages are shipped to arrive the day before your party date and all necessary care and release instructions will be included.

Celebrate life's next milestone. Release butterflies at your birthday party.

Painted lady butterfly on a flower

Individual Release

Make your next birthday celebration unique and memorable with a butterfly release. Each partygoer or family member at the party can release their own butterfly using our individual envelope release method.

Decorated mass release box for butterflies

Mass Release

Give your child the opportunity to interact with the natural world up close by having hundreds of butterflies released at his or her birthday party. Release them all at once with our mass release box method.

Estimate how many butterflies to release at your birthday party.

For Individual Releases: We recommend at least 1 butterfly per guest.

For a Mass Release w/ Monarchs: A good rule of thumb is 1 butterfly for every 3 guests.

For a Mass Release w/ Painted Ladies: A good rule of thumb is 1 butterfly for every 2 guests. This is due to the fact that the Monarch is a larger butterfly than the Painted Lady. Fewer Monarchs will have the same visual impact as more Painted Ladies.

The average butterfly release order size is 4 dozen butterflies.

Kids at a party releasing butterflies

Make your next birthday celebration unforgettable.

Butterflies are a great way to symbolically celebrate a life’s next milestone.

Get started with one of our butterfly release birthday packages.