Memorial Butterfly Release

Celebrate Life With Butterflies

Butterfly releases can be especially meaningful at a funeral or memorial. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. Celebrate your loved one’s life tastefully through a butterfly release as you say goodbye one last time. Butterflies symbolize change and are best known for their need and ability to change so dramatically. They show us how to look toward the future and reassure us that no matter where we are in life, there are always changes to come. Help embrace these changes by adding a little piece of nature to your memorial service.

Our butterfly release memorial packages are shipped to arrive the day before your service or funeral and all necessary care and release instructions will be included.

Celebrate your loved one's life. Release butterflies at your service.

Painted lady butterfly on a flower

Individual Release

At the key moment in your memorial service, each person can then open their envelope and allow the butterfly to fly free. Each guest or family member at the service can be involved in your butterfly release ceremony using our individual envelope release method.

Decorated mass release box for butterflies

Mass Release

Consider having the butterflies separated into a single box or multiple boxes. Each box can be handled by an individual or a small group of guests. Release beautiful butterflies all at once with a decorative mass release box.

Estimate how many butterflies to release at your memorial service.

For Individual Releases: We recommend at least 1 butterfly per guest.

For a Mass Release w/ Monarchs: A good rule of thumb is 1 butterfly for every 3 guests.

For a Mass Release w/ Painted Ladies: A good rule of thumb is 1 butterfly for every 2 guests. This is due to the fact that the Monarch is a larger butterfly than the Painted Lady. Fewer Monarchs will have the same visual impact as more Painted Ladies.

The average butterfly release order size is 4 dozen butterflies.

Monarch butterfly flying in nature

Butterflies are seen as beautiful. Symbols of change, of renewal, of life.

Watching live butterflies flutter away into the sky will be a moment you and your guests will never forget.

Get started with one of our butterfly release packages.