Wedding Butterfly Release

Celebrate Your Wedding With Butterflies

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and memorable days in your life. Memories are created and the time you share with family and friends will be remembered forever. Releasing live, vibrant butterflies in your wedding ceremony or event is something your guests will remember and perhaps even experience for the first time.

Our butterflies are shipped to arrive the day before your wedding and all necessary care and release instructions will be included.

Simply unique and beautiful. Release butterflies on your big day.

Releasing single butterfly on a flower

Individual Release

Do you envision each one of your guests releasing their own butterfly?  Each guest or member of your bridal party can be involved in your butterfly release ceremony using our individual envelope release method.

Wedding party releasing monarch butterflies

Mass Release

Considering an intimate wedding ceremony where just the bridal party or family releases them all at once? Release beautiful butterflies all at once using our custom mass release box method.

Estimate how many butterflies to release at your wedding.

For Individual Releases: We recommend at least 1 butterfly per guest.

For a Mass Release w/ Monarchs: A good rule of thumb is 1 butterfly for every 3 guests.

For a Mass Release w/ Painted Ladies: A good rule of thumb is 1 butterfly for every 2 guests. This is due to the fact that the Monarch is a larger butterfly than the Painted Lady. Fewer Monarchs will have the same visual impact as more Painted Ladies.

The average butterfly release order size is 4 dozen butterflies.

Flower girls playing with butterflies at wedding

Create a memorable wedding ceremony experience for your guests.

Butterfly releases are a unique way to celebrate life.

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